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I Have An Addiction – What Can I Do?

Addiction is a terrible affliction that spans a pretty broad spectrum. You can get addicted to food, money, love, sex… anything, really. Today we’ll be dealing with illegal substance abuse – addiction to drugs. What Is Drug Addiction? The DSM-IV says that drug addiction (defined as a substance abuse disorder) is the repeated use of…

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The Blackout Period

Many rehabs have a rule in place during the beginning of treatment that limits the patient’s communication with the outside world. The prospect of this can cause some anxiety in patients, though many end up finding peace during this period or relative solitude. Find Peace in the Silence Navigating one’s way through addiction and recovery…

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Understanding Opiate Use Disorder

The opiate crisis makes the headline news almost on a daily basis. What is actually happening in the body during opiate intoxication? And during opiate withdrawal? We’re going to explain the medical side of opiate use and detail the warning signs that indicate someone might have an addiction problem. Opiate Intoxication Signs and symptoms of…

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What to expect when going through drug detox

You can expect to experience withdrawals. The types of withdrawals will vary depending on the your drug of choice. For example: Heroin and prescription painkiller abusers will experience flu-like symptoms lasting 24-48 hours. Benzo abusers experience anxiety and seizures that could last weeks. Cocaine abusers can expect to be depressed and restless for 7-10 days.…

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Southern California Detox

At LA Detox, we understand there are thousands of detox facilities in Southern California. Because of this, it can be extremely difficult to narrow down which one is the best option for you. Choosing the right facility is crucial for long-term success when battling addiction. We want you to be aware of what to expect…

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Addiction Treatment Considerations

In 2016, Recovery Brands conducted a survey asking people on their way out of a treatment facility what aspects they deemed most vital upon choosing a program. Based on the answers, the most popular factor was a program’s financial practices – for instance, insurance acceptance, payment methods, and financial assistance. Additionally, patients were grateful for…

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Addictions to Behaviors

Behavioral addictions are sometimes called process addictions. These addictions are just as intense as substance addictions are and can be detrimental to a person’s health and well-being. Eating disorders are some of the most fatal behavioral issues managed in the realm of addiction treatment. Immediate treatment is necessary to preserve one’s happiness and health. Every…

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Addiction and Alcohol Abuse

Recovering from alcoholism may seem like a daunting and lengthy endeavor. However, the process can be simplified with proper support and treatment. Alcohol use is typical in social circumstances, but some people go from casual drinking to abusing alcohol – or acquire an alcohol use disorder – which may vary from mild to severe. One…