Prescription medications can provide real relief for people who experience troubling physical and psychological symptoms. Unfortunately, for some people, these same medications become dangerous when they develop an addiction to them. Los Angeles Detox created a prescription medication detox program that helps people face their addictions and overcome them. We offer multiple levels of care that include detox, residential, and outpatient plans. With our help, people learn to stop abusing drugs and live a substance-free life.

What is a Prescription Medication Detox? 

The most commonly abused prescription drugs are opioids, stimulants, and anti-anxiety medications, sedatives, and hypnotics used to treat anxiety and sleep disorders. When someone becomes addicted to prescription drugs, getting off them requires professional help. The first step in overcoming addiction is to attend a prescription medication detox program. 

Detox provides the support needed by people committed to getting through the first days of living without the substance that overtook their lives. Detox for prescription medications works for people who initially took a drug prescribed to them but then it spiraled into a substance use disorder. In addition, it provides treatment for someone who abuses a drug not prescribed to them. This often happens as a result of using the medication recreationally and then losing control. 

When someone stops abusing prescription drugs, their bodies will need time to adjust to beginning recovery. A detox program provides medical supervision to help ease withdrawal symptoms and ensure the individual stays safe. In fact, when someone tries to get off drugs without a professional detox program, they usually end up failing. The withdrawal symptoms prove to be too difficult to endure, leaving the person to return to drug abuse. 

Woman getting treatment at our prescription medication detox at Los Angeles Detox

What to Expect During Your Stay at a Prescription Medication Detox Center 

When someone arrives at our prescription medication detox center, we get to know them and their situation. We discuss the length and severity of their addiction, which enables us to understand how to design a detox plan that meets their unique needs. From there, we work with each person to set treatment goals they can meet. We explain their schedule and what they can expect in terms of the different types of therapy sessions they will attend. 

We provide treatment on several levels, including residential rehab and outpatient addiction treatment. This allows us to offer help to people who have varying needs and schedules. During detox, each person receives the support of staff members who help them understand the process their bodies and minds are going through. The individual will attend several kinds of addiction-related therapies that help them learn to change how they think, feel, and act. Because of this, they develop an understanding of how to replace urges to relapse with the use of healthy coping skills.

Benefits of Our Prescription Medication Detox in Southern California

The benefits we provide start with our staff of caring clinicians. We believe every person deserves to be treated with compassion and respect while they begin their healing process. Our staff is comprised of physicians, nurses, psychiatrists, and other mental health counselors. Each person uses their training and experience to help our patients navigate the world of becoming sober. They develop a real partnership that enables each individual to speak openly and learn skills that help them embrace a life free of prescription drug abuse. 

When someone stops abusing substances, having withdrawal symptoms is inevitable. As a result, without support to ease these symptoms, many people find it impossible to complete detox. We provide an array of options for FDA-approved medications that help control and even eliminate many withdrawal symptoms. This includes both physical symptoms and emotional ones, such as anxiety and depression.

What Comes After Prescription Medication Detox?

Once a person completes prescription medication detox, they will find themselves in a much clearer state of mind. This prepares them to enter the next phase of treatment able to handle the work to come. For some people, this means transitioning into residential treatment, which requires them to live in a facility while receiving focused care around the clock. 

After that, or as an alternative to it, many people move to an outpatient program. Outpatient treatment offers varying levels of care that take place at a facility during the day. This allows the person to live at home while still receiving the necessary treatment that helps them avoid relapsing. While it may seem like a big time commitment to attend multiple levels of care, it’s important to do so when learning to live a substance-free life. In fact, the longer a person stays in treatment, the more likely they are to remain sober for life.

Begin Prescription Medication Detox in Los Angeles, California

Have you become addicted to prescription medication and need help getting off it? This story is all too common, which is why there is a high demand for focused care to help people overcome substance use disorders. LA Detox created a prescription medication detox program that addresses all the levels of care needed to help a person become drug-free. Our detox plan provides the all-important first step in no longer using prescription drugs. We provide medical supervision and psychological support to help each person complete detox safely and successfully.

For more information about how we can help you end your addiction to prescription medication, contact us today. We can answer any questions you have.