Getting addiction treatment is easy with coverage by Anthem Insurance. Find out more about health insurance options, as well as in-network plans available. When deciding on which drug and alcohol treatment to participate in, becoming familiar with available coverage will benefit you. Ensuring that your medical and financial needs are covered, leaves more time to focus on rehabilitation and recovery. 

LA Detox and Anthem Insurance Coverage

Fortunately, LA Detox is an in-network coverage option for those enrolled with Anthem Insurance. This means that you may be able to utilize your insurance for rehab assistance. Anthem is available for financial support when in need of professional substance abuse care. Depending on which treatment option is recommended and necessary, will dictate the amount that is covered by Anthem.

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Terms are often subject to a residential location. However, locally-based individuals that opt to make use of their insurance options, may benefit from Anthem Insurance deductibles. For those interested in benefiting from Anthem Insurance to assist with rehab specialized facility payments, preliminary costs may be covered. An addiction assessment will provide you with the information necessary to understand the total amount required to participate. 

Keep in mind the most important decision you can make to ensure your health is to treat an ongoing addiction. Leaning into the assistance available by Anthem Insurance can lower the total overall out-of-pocket. Left untreated for substance dependency will only encourage addiction to progress. Fortunately, LA Detox is affiliated with this provider and can help you achieve your recovery goals. 

How to Determine What is Covered by Anthem Insurance

Getting in touch with LA Detox, via website or phone, can help provide you with the resources you will need. While there are variables such as duration or intensity of treatment, rehab specialists can offer guidance as to maneuvering coverage. 

Begin by filling in your information on the registration form to provide the details needed for treatment and payment benefits. Using information gathered initially, as well as physician referrals or mandatory rehabilitation needs, insurance requirements are made available for reference. 

Applying Anthem Insurance Toward Rehab

LA Detox works to maintain excellent standing with many insurance carriers and Anthem is one of them. Register and create your profile to learn which services are available. Insurance resources may cover some, most, or even all of your addiction treatment payments. This will be valuable to ensure that you have stable financial support as you begin your recovery journey. 

Keep in mind, coverage, as well as programs applicable and available, are subject to change. Much of what you’ll be able to use will be determined by your overall diagnosis, including health and wellness goals. Different policies may require shorter or longer inpatient residency to ensure effectiveness. Other policies may have a time frame as to when they are available. 

Be sure to inquire that you are receiving all of the financial support and coverage that is payable toward treatment. Some exclusions may apply or may require references from an additional reputable source. After getting your application started with LA Detox, check with your insurance provider to get details on payable margins. 

Anthem Insurance History and Facts

Anthem Insurance Incorporated is an independent affiliate of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. It is one of the most prominent insurance coverage companies available within the United States. Anthem Insurance Inc is available within fourteen of fifty states, and some policies allow for a range of coverage otherwise. 

The company was created in 2004, and survived independently for the first 10 years, under the name of WellPoint Incorporated. In 2014, WellPoint, based out of California, USA combined with Indianapolis, USA’s brand (Anthem), ratifying their name in the process. Since then, Anthem Incorporated was able to grow substantially. In 2014 it was rated 3 out of 4 stars for overall satisfaction and comes in 33rd of the Fortune 500. 

As of 2018, Anthem was providing care for about 40 million American residents. Membership inquiries have gained even more traction since. In 2018, Anthem was providing jobs for over 63,500 workers, to boost the availability of their services to those in need. 

As the company continues to grow more options are becoming available to utilize as a member. To ensure that you qualify within Anthem’s policy agreement, it’s advisable to reach out to the company directly with inquiries. Coverage is typically based on state. And, there are excellent opportunities to apply for coverage for LA Detox treatment amenities and outpatient programs. 

Anthem Coverage Options and Tiers

Just as with all insurance providers, Anthem has many different policy options to apply to your case. The coverage options vary by state and are classified accordingly. Anthem Insurance plans are ranked into three subgroups. They are referred to as follows:

Anthem Bronze

Maintaining the lowest premiums to be paid every month, this is one of the most regular means of warranty. However, because the monthly out-of-pocket remains so low throughout the year, the highest deductible is applied consequently. In addition to the deductible, co-payments may also be in a higher range per visit. 

Partial hospitalization, that takes place over some time, can benefit from this option. For those participating in programs as such, financial services can be implemented after the minimum is met. Anthem Bronze will typically provide coverage for about 60% of rehab care finances. 

Anthem Silver

The premium monthly cost to participate in Anthem’s Silver program is going to be slightly higher than the former. However, in contrast, Silver will reflect with lower copayments and out-of-pocket deductible prices. 

Recovering addicts will find the Anthem’s Silver option is a benefit to their needs when applied to individual therapy sessions. Therapy that is necessary both in and after rehab, maybe ongoing. Individuals employed and maintaining sobriety by working to support living costs will find that average monthly monetary requirements serve them. 

Conveniently, the cost of the average appointment will be lower within this plan, than with Anthem Bronze, compensating the difference. With the Silver premium option, around 70% of drug and alcohol treatment is traditionally covered. 

Anthem Gold

The Anthem Gold option is recognized as having the highest monthly financial cost. For some, the added benefit of paying more upfront for their coverage is more convenient. This allows those in need of addiction more time to focus their efforts on recovery. 

Anthem Gold is also known for having considerably low co-pays, and the minimum deductible to meet when applicable. Specifically, for those that may need a considerable amount of care or medication, during detox and after. Medication-assisted treatment programs (MAT), offered for addicts having a difficult time maintaining sobriety due to relapse, favor Anthem Gold. 

MAT is effective in encouraging a person to remain sober and focused on their treatment. Yet without insurance to benefit, the cost of therapeutic drugs can add up. Instead of sacrificing quality addiction and detox care, Anthem’s Gold plan may be a valuable option. Covering around 80% of addiction treatment costs reduces the stress of obtaining essential medications for a more convenient payment experience.

Optional Resources to Apply to Anthem Insurance

Other optional applications that may complement Anthems health care advantages include the incorporation of Medicaid. Specific to certain states, Anthem fosters a close relationship with certain resources to benefit its members. Some of these states relevant include Wisconsin, Virginia, California, Kentucky, Indiana, and Virginia. 

Along with Anthem Insurance, you may be able to include benefits and other available amenities offered by Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Being a nationwide carrier, Blue Cross/Blue Shield honors what they refer to as a “guest membership” opportunity. 

For individuals that are seeking addiction treatment in a location that is out of their home state, eligibility is potential. Those that are approved can incorporate an HMO referral to assist. Under the terms, if applicable, that they will remain in the facility for 90 consecutive days or longer. Addicts that require both detox and rehabilitation at an out of state rehab of their choice are optimal candidates. 

To find out more about additional available options for alternate location treatment, contact anthem’s customer care directly. There they will be able to answer questions and give direction as to how to apply.

Coverage and Benefits: Customizable Plans and Pricing

Undoubtedly, each of us has been confused by insurance options at some point. Anthem Insurance encourages members to reach out with concerns to best understand what is being offered under their premium. Navigating through what is offered and available while suffering from an addiction can be frustrating and discouraging. Anthem, making available both specialized operators and online options, supply tools available to gain information on customized plans.  

Around 70 percent of government workers are covered under Anthem Insurance through their employment. Also, Anthem strives to provide services for family members and retired individuals. If you are professional suffering from an addiction, it may be beneficial to inquire about options available with Anthem. 

Federal government officials and former government retirees may utilize Anthem Insurance for rehab services. Applicants may be able to decide between:

  1. Anthem-Standard Plan: Accessible for both in and out of network services, while ensuring a low deductible.
  2. Anthem-Basic Plan: Zero-deductible, however, co-payments are the responsibility of the policyholder. 
  3. Anthem-FEP Blue Focus Plan: The most recently adopted option available to Anthem’s federal-working members. This option includes coverage from selected facilitators, with both low deductible and copays amounts, relieving high out-of-pocket expenses. 

Additionally, if a member is eligible for medicare privileges, Anthem insurance will include other valuable essentials into one complete plan. These options include medical doctor visits, unexpected hospital needs, and drug prescriptions, to encourage affordability. Those suffering from more than one illness, such as a combination of addiction, psychological disorders, or physical injuries, especially benefit.

Anthem Insurance and Exclusive Add-on Options

Getting coverage for psychological, medical injuries or illnesses, and rehab treatment, as in the case of dual diagnosis, can be tedious. Anthem, as opposed to many other plans, does its best to accommodate each member within provisionary guidelines. 

Covering the cost of care, while offering convenience and low-cost options, may also include secondary or add-on benefits. Some supplement screening for: 

  • Hearing 
  • Dental
  • Vision

This can be especially optimal, considering Anthem can step in to provide health care coverage that Medicare may not. Or, Anthem can offer added coverage, if necessary, and upon approval.

Anthem Insurance and Addiction Treatment Coverage

Anthem insurance has created plans that cover addiction rehab and psychological healthcare options, which include a dual diagnosis. The amount of coverage will be determined by which specific plan a person is paying into. 

Because several addiction treatment requirements are classified as “medically relevant,” Anthem will assist in covering necessary care. However, this may mean that each specific plan allows for a predetermined amount of time to be spent within rehab. 

Some substance addictions that fall within this category include:

Like many insurance providers, quarterly or annual restrictions can apply. For example, Anthem may provide rehab cost coverage within a certain time frame, and then be unavailable for some time after. Similar to a reverse deductible, there may be a window of unavailability until the cycle resets. To determine eligibility, checking your status with Anthem Insurance customer service is suggested. 

Getting Addiction Treatment with Anthem Insurance

The most important takeaway is to remember that there financial options available to apply for, to help get rehab treatment. Many insurance companies have options, like Anthem, that provide coverage as you work toward recovery.

Get in touch with LA Detox to begin evaluation to determine the level of care required for your addiction. They can help you connect the dots between achieving recovery and insurance assistance. With the guidance of rehab professionals who are ready to help now, you can plan for rehab now. Don’t wait, the road to recovery can start now.