The idea of getting sober is exciting because of all the positive changes it allows you to make in your life. At the same time, it can be scary to think about going to detox if you don’t fully understand what the process is like. Going through detox can be simplified and a much easier process when you receive medical care. That’s why LA Detox created a medical detox in Los Angeles program that provides medical supervision that keeps each person safe and as comfortable as possible. We provide medications that ease withdrawal symptoms, which sets people up for successfully completing detox and staying sober.

What is a Medical Detox? 

When someone first enters treatment for a substance use disorder, they go to a medical detox as the initial step in becoming sober. Medical detox provides professional supervision from physicians, nurses, and other medical clinicians who keep the individual safe and as comfortable as possible during their first days of recovery. Going off drugs or alcohol after abusing them for a long time causes a person to experience withdrawal symptoms. They can range from mildly uncomfortable to painful and some can be dangerous. 

Our medical detox in Los Angeles provides supervision from medical professionals who observe the person while they complete treatment. When someone does not use a medical detox, they greatly decrease their chances of being able to finish detox. In fact, they are much more likely to relapse even if they complete detox. Medical detox provides prescription medications and psychological support that minimizes many withdrawal symptoms. As a result, the person has an easier time getting through detox and does not suffer needlessly.

Los Angeles Medical Detox CenterIs Los Angeles Detox a Medical Detox? 

Yes, Los Angeles Detox provides a valuable medical detox program for a diverse population that allows people to begin their new life without using drugs or alcohol. We understand that the difficulty of going through withdrawal symptoms can cause people to avoid going to detox or drop out of it after just a few days. For that reason, our program is a medical detoxification center. Additionally, we offer both residential and outpatient rehab programs to meet the needs of a wide variety of people seeking our help.

What to Expect at a Medical Detox Center in Los Angeles, CA 

When someone comes to us for help overcoming their addiction to drugs or alcohol, we enroll them in our medical detox in Los Angeles program. We do not support the theory that a one-size-fits-all detox plan will work for everyone. We begin by performing a thorough assessment so that we understand things like the individual’s history with their addiction. This includes the length of time and severity of their disease. We also determine the person’s current physical and mental health so we can prescribe the right types of therapy to help them complete detox. 

We provide detox from a variety of types of substances. Because our team understands what each type of addiction is like, we stand prepared to offer the right support for it while the individual goes through our detox program. The types of substance use disorders we treat include:

How long a person needs to stay in detox depends on their specific situation. How long they have struggled with addiction, how much they normally used substances, and what substances they became addicted to all can factor into how long they require treatment. On average, detox programs last somewhere between five and ten days.

Benefits of going to a medical detox such as Los Angeles DetoxBenefits of Our Los Angeles Medical Detox 

Our staff includes doctors, nurses, psychologists, and other mental health counselors who use their experience and training to treat people with addictions. We not only help people maintain their physical health while detoxing, but we also address their emotional well-being. 

Addiction to drugs and alcohol can cause or contribute to mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. As well, someone who stops using substances often feels psychological symptoms of mental health disorders. In both cases, our staff can offer both FDA-approved medications and talk therapy sessions that help people process and resolve these types of feelings. The types of mental illnesses we treat include:

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Are you thinking about getting help for an addiction to drugs or alcohol but have questions about going to detox? Many people assume detox is an unpleasant experience that provides no help for the person trying to get through it. Actually, medical assistance makes the detox process easier to complete because it provides the necessary medical supervision to keep you safe. Los Angeles Detox provides a medical detox program that uses prescription medications to help minimize withdrawal symptoms. As a result, you won’t suffer needlessly or need to stay in detox for an extended period of time.

For more information about getting help, contact us today. We are happy to answer any questions you have.