Muscle Relaxers: Are They Addictive?

Prescription muscle relaxers can be sources of great relief for people who have been affected by a variety of conditions. But before you take a muscle relaxer or any other prescription medication, you need to understand both their benefits and their potential risks. For example, are muscle relaxers addictive? And, if so, how can you…


List of Addictive Drugs and Their Street Names

With the exception of alcohol and (in some states) marijuana, recreational substance abuse typically involves either illegal drugs or illicitly diverted prescription medications. The underground nature of this behavior has led to the development of myriad slang terms for street drugs. For example, discussions about study buddies or disco biscuits may be less likely to…

Person with addiction to the drug krokodil

About the Drug Krokodil

If you’ve never encountered the drug called krokodil, consider yourself fortunate. This dangerous substance has the ability to cause grievous harm to anyone who uses it – and in recent years, reports of its presence in cities throughout the United States have become increasingly common. What is the Drug Called Krokodil? Krokodil (which is the…

Smart recovery vs AA meetings

SMART Recovery vs AA Meetings

SMART Recovery groups and AA meetings are two of the most widely known support resources for people who have been struggling with addictions to alcohol and other drugs. When you understand the similarities and differences between SMART Recovery vs. AA, you can make the most informed choice about which approach is right for you. What…