West coast rehab

Benefits of a West Coast Rehab Center

When you’re trying to find professional addiction treatment, there are many important elements to consider. The level or levels of care that a center offers, the services they provide, and the qualifications of their treatment professionals all merit close evaluation. The center’s location can also be a decisive factor. Depending on where you live –…


6 Personality Traits Commonly Linked to Addiction

Realistically, there is no singular personality that dictates becoming addicted to substances. Recovering drug addict personality traits can be obvious or even hardly noticed. This further emphasizes the need to destigmatize rehab therapy and making false assumptions, when a person is critically ill.  Still, rehab treatment facilities, being educated on how to successfully help so…


Advances in Addiction Recovery Technology

The advancement in addiction recovery technology comes with the development of the twentieth century. The idea of infusing online technology, apps, and smartphones into recovery comes as an entirely new model in behavioral health care. These types of telecommunication tools such as mobile phones and video teleconferencing, offer personal assessment, prevention, and treatment opportunities outside…