Man in dark with hand to head struggling through alcohol withdrawal symptoms

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

For most people, alcohol is an intermittent pleasure. But for someone with an alcohol problem, it can become a dangerous obsession. The more serious the addiction, the more troubling the behaviors associated with it become. And the more difficult it becomes to extract yourself from its grip. And alcohol withdrawal symptoms make it even harder…

Graphic way to show opioid crisis in America

The Opioid Crisis in America

America’s current problem with opioids represents the worst drug epidemic in our country’s history. According to statistics published by the Department of Health and Human Services, more than 10 million people misused prescription drugs in 2018, while 2 million suffered full-blown addiction. All told, nearly 48,000 people died of an opioid overdose that year—a rate…

am I an alcoholic

Am I an Alcoholic?

The one question that we get a lot here at  LA Detox is am I an alcoholic? The answer is, that depends on various biological (genetics), environmental, and social factors. Understanding and navigating the difference between being someone who drinks and classifying them as someone with a drinking problem (alcoholism) is complicated.  The question “Am…

A woman stares out the window on a rainy day, wondering about the alcohol withdrawal timeline

Alcohol Withdrawal Timeline

The Use — and Abuse — of Alcohol People who suffer from alcohol use disorder and wish to free themselves from their dependence are in a complicated and even dangerous position. Not only are they dependent on alcohol physically and psychologically, but it is also readily available to them. Additionally, regular alcohol use is encouraged…

a family seeking treatment at la detox

Types of Family Therapy

Addiction is a family disease. While 19.7 million American adults aged 12 and older battle substance use disorders, the impact of addiction reaches beyond the person struggling with addiction. When you battle addiction, it damages not only your personal life, health, and finances but also your relationships. There are various types of family therapy programs…

woman experiencing symptoms of a xanax overdose

Xanax Overdose Symptoms

Xanax, a commonly abused prescription drug called benzodiazepine (benzos), is linked to more than 10,000 deaths annually in the United States. Overdose symptoms of Xanax are challenging to identify. This is due to the use of the drug exhibiting calming and sedative-like effects. Symptoms of Xanax overdose can begin within an hour of consuming Xanax…