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Inpatient Rehab in Los Angeles, CA

What Is Inpatient Rehab? An inpatient rehab is a recovery option for people who are ready and absolutely dedicated to recovering from their addictions. Whether they’re addicted to drugs, alcohol, or even other substances like sugars or foods.   Inpatient rehab is for dedicated patients only because they involve constant, round-the-clock care. Once you’re in, you’re…

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The Blackout Period

Many rehabs have a rule in place during the beginning of treatment that limits the patient’s communication with the outside world. The prospect of this can cause some anxiety in patients, though many end up finding peace during this period or relative solitude. Find Peace in the Silence Navigating one’s way through addiction and recovery…

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Understanding Opiate Use Disorder

The opiate crisis makes the headline news almost on a daily basis. What is actually happening in the body during opiate intoxication? And during opiate withdrawal? We’re going to explain the medical side of opiate use and detail the warning signs that indicate someone might have an addiction problem. Opiate Intoxication Signs and symptoms of…