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How to treat substance abuse?

How to treat substance abuse? Treating substance abuse is difficult and requires many steps. Addiction is a complicated disease that affects brain function and behavior. It’s important that the individual has quick access to a treatment facility near them. The treatment program must address all their needs, not just substance abuse. It’s important the individual stays…

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Drug Detox

Detoxification: The purpose of drug detox is fourfold: (1) to manage withdrawal symptoms, (2) purge chemical substances, (3) recuperate the body and (4) return the brain to normal function. Why Do You Need Detox? Those who attempt to quit on their own often have to deal with the pain and discomfort of withdrawal symptoms. Many…

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How Opiates Affect Your Brain

Neurons: When opiates enter the brain they disperse and start bumping into neurons. Some neurons have what’s known as opioid receptors on their surface. When an opiate bumps into an opioid receptor attached to a neuron within the Ventral Tegmental Area (VTA) of the brain it will activate what’s called an opioid circuit. These opioid…

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Treatment Options For Heroin Addiction

Heroin tolerance, dependence, and addiction are all manifestations of brain changes resulting from repeated heroin use. The struggle for recovery is in great part a struggle to overcome the effects of these changes. New pharmacotherapies act on the same brain structures and processes as addictive opioids, but with protective and normalizing effects. Despite the effectiveness…