During addiction treatment, there are many kinds of programs that can help. Recreational therapy is a common choice for clients at any addiction treatment center. Ultimately, this kind of treatment works to help improve the physical, mental, emotional, and social health of the individual.

How Recreational Therapy Works

At a Los Angeles recreational therapy program, clients engage in recreational activities that are fun and enjoyable to do. Recreation therapy may include things like sports, art projects, community outings, crafts, or dance. Sometimes, recreational therapy uses light, gentle movements like tai chi and yoga. Normally, this kind of therapy happens anywhere from several times a week to every other week.

During an addiction, individuals use drugs and alcohol to feel normal. Unfortunately, this means that they may have problems relaxing or having fun once they stop using. These therapy options help clients reduce tension and unwind. They also work to fill up the many hours that the client once used for their addiction.

The Advantages of Recreational Therapy Sessions

When clients start recreation therapy, it quickly works to change their overall outlook on life. A Los Angeles recreational therapy program helps to improve the individual’s mood, sense of well-being, and independence. It can help people reconnect to their peers and boost their social skills. Depending on the program, this therapy can also improve the individual’s physical strength and motor skills. Before long, it can work to boost the individual’s work-life balance, improve their time management skills,  and give them a better quality of life.

a female patient going for a run for her recreational therapy
Do These Treatments Work?

At a residential addiction treatment program in Los Angeles, individuals can get help through evidence-based, time-tested programs like recreational therapy, which helps clients work through psychological changes in a healthy, comfortable way. Because of this, it helps to support other rehab programs that help clients stop using drugs and alcohol.

Studies also show that recreation therapy helps clients relearn abilities and skills that they lost during their addiction. These are skills like fine motor skills, emotional control, and time management. When addiction specialists combine these programs with traditional methods, the results are even better.

Recreational therapy works in a very important way as a distraction therapy. Sometimes, the easiest way to stay sober is by distracting the mind during a craving or withdrawal symptoms. With addiction treatment programs in Los Angeles, recreational therapy options like mountain climbing, painting, and art classes can help clients distract their minds from their cravings.

Discovering the Help You Need Through Recreational Therapy

Sometimes, people feel shame, guilt, or anxiety about their addiction. It can feel like they are the only person in the world to experience this kind of difficulty. Over time, many people struggle to hide their drinking habits or drug abuse. At some point, an unexpected experience or a comment from a close friend causes the individual to realize that they have a problem.

When someone has a problem with drugs or alcohol, help is available. In a five-star, luxury setting, individuals can discover the help they need to recover. No one has to suffer through the pain and difficulties of addiction alone. At our Los Angeles rehab center, clients can discover options such as:

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