Every day, we have to confront problematic situations. Some issues are smaller than others, but some can cause severe emotional distress. For especially difficult to process scenarios, psychodrama can help an individual adequately evaluate and understand these situations. As part of a comprehensive addiction therapy plan at a Los Angeles treatment center, psychodrama can provide support for your recovery.

What Is Psychodrama?

Psychodrama is a form of psychotherapy that relies on re-enactment, role-playing, and problem-solving. Generally, psychodrama occurs in a group setting. However, it’s not a form of group therapy. Rather, it is a form of individual psychotherapy that occurs in a group setting.

man and woman participating in psychodramaDuring psychodrama therapy in Los Angeles, an individual describes a scenario that caused them distress or was difficult for them to manage. Then, the client takes on the role of the protagonist for this scenario. Other members of the group act out other parties present in the situation and try to work through the client’s thoughts and feelings as they experience this situation again. Although roleplay is the most common psychodrama technique, there are other modalities, including:

  • Mirroring: The client acts out their experience. Then, another member of the group re-enacts what they saw so the client can watch.
  • Doubling: During the scenario, a client has a “double” who voices any thoughts or feelings that the client is unable to express. The client is also allowed to disown or correct any of the double’s statements.
  • Soliloquy: The client shares his or her personal thoughts to the group in order to build self-awareness and knowledge.
  • Role Reversal: Another person plays the client’s “protagonist” role while the client plays a secondary character. This encourages empathy and allows the client to see themselves through their own eyes.

Often, a session will incorporate some or all of these techniques to help the client fully understand the scenario and their feelings.

How Psychodrama Aids Mental Health

In the moment, it can be hard for an individual to process thoughts and emotions about a situation. When these things come as they happen, it can be hard to evaluate your exact feelings underneath everything else. Psychodrama gives clients a second chance to fully understand those feelings and assess their own reactions to the situation. Taking the scenario step-by-step and understanding how things affect them can help clients better understand their thought processes.

Additionally, psychodrama helps to increase self-awareness and empathy. If a person reacted negatively in a situation and didn’t understand why, then psychodrama gives them the chance to try the situation again or witness what their reaction looked like from the outside. Having to experience the situation in someone else’s shoes gives the client a better idea of how their actions affect others. In the long run, this can encourage more thoughtful actions and decisions on the part of the client.

Mental Health Treatment with LA Detox

Learning to manage mental health conditions is a critical part of addiction recovery. Without proper therapy, clients will never understand the core causes of their addictions. Through modalities like psychodrama, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and trauma-focused therapy, clients can develop the skills they need to understand themselves and prevent relapse. To learn more about our Los Angeles addiction treatment programs and recovery, call LA Detox today at 866-932-8563.