young woman in need of a Los Angeles young adult rehab programNow more than ever, young adults are feeling the pressure to grow up quickly. By the time individuals leave grade school, they’re expected to have a plan in place for their future. Such pressure when paired with a desire to explore and experiment can lead to troubles with substance abuse and addiction. When your loved one is heading down the wrong road, a Los Angeles young adult rehab program is crucial. With such dangerous substances available on the street, helping your loved one achieve recovery is essential for the health, safety, and wellbeing.

Why Look for a Los Angeles Young Adult Rehab Program

Some parents or loved ones might wonder, why place an emphasis on a young adult rehab program? Won’t any type of rehab work? While professional help to any extent is usually better than no help at all, finding an age-specific program can help in the effectiveness and success of treatment. From inpatient addiction treatment to aftercare, a young adult program will give individuals of this age group the support they need for their specific challenges and needs.

Facilities that don’t specialize with young adults may cover issues or topics that your loved one isn’t ready to handle yet. Instead, a Los Angeles young adult rehab program will cover the obstacles affecting your loved one instead. This can include:

  • Past trauma
  • Work stressors
  • Career decisions
  • Family problems
  • Marriage or dating stress
  • Problems with school
  • Money obstacles
  • Sexual identity

A program that tackles these topics will also help individuals learn how to manage their stress and navigate life without the need to abuse drugs or alcohol.

A Need for Dual Diagnosis

One of the available addiction treatment programs you should look for is a dual diagnosis program. Often, individuals who struggle with addiction also struggle with their mental health. Depression and anxiety are often major causes of addiction. Young adults tend to use these illicit substances to self-medicate and decrease the symptoms that come with these mental disorders. However, drug use often makes these conditions worse, not better. A Los Angeles young adult rehab program that includes a dual diagnosis treatment option will better help your loved one if they struggle with their mental health. Treating both issues instead of one or the other will help break the dangerous cycle of drug use and addiction.

A Focus On Family

Finding a young adult rehab program that offers family therapy is also crucial when deciding on a treatment facility. When it comes to addiction, the user is never the only person affected or harmed. The loved ones that surround the user are also hurt in the process. Addiction tends to lead to mistrust, guilt, anger, and other harmful emotions. It can also make communicating with each other almost impossible. With family therapy, loved ones can communicate respectfully and effectively with the help of a professional therapist. During these sessions, feelings can mend and bonds can heal. The user will understand how they hurt their family while family members learn how to support the user.

LA Detox

The time to help your loved one is now. Don’t wait to enter your loved one in a Los Angeles young adult rehab program. LA Detox can help you find the help both your loved one and your family need to heal from addiction. Along with our programs, we also offer the following addiction therapy programs:

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