When it comes to getting drug addiction detox and rehab, one element that people worry about is paying for it. The high cost of treatment justifies these concerns. However, many people don’t understand how affordable treatment becomes with rehab insurance coverage. They can lay some of their worries to rest by learning more about what and how much that insurance covers. For help, you can contact our Los Angeles Detox Center.

Does Insurance Pay for Rehab?doctor tells patient about rehab insurance coverage

Under government legislation, health insurance companies must provide coverage for substance use disorder treatment. This disorder ranges from drug abuse and dependence to addiction, which is the most extreme form. In fact, the government requires insurers to cover this treatment as they do any other health condition.

Also, insurance companies can’t deny coverage for people with preexisting mental disorders. They must offset the cost of preventive services as well, including behavioral health and depression screenings. Furthermore, insurers can’t impose annual or lifetime dollar limits on rehab insurance coverage.

What Do Insurance Policies Cover?

Not all insurance policies cover the same drug rehab services. Although, our Los Angeles addiction treatment center offers many of the most common programs that they cover. These include:

Because of government regulations, insurers have to cover treatment for all drug addictions. Whether people have an alcohol addiction or heroin addiction, rehab insurance coverage must pay for at least part of the treatment.

It’s important that people pay attention to the types of drugs that a facility treats. For instance, alcohol addiction treatment requires a different approach to recovery than meth addiction. This fact is particularly true during the detox stage of treatment. The reason is that the withdrawal process differs slightly between drugs.

Aside from traditional therapies, rehab insurance coverage doesn’t always include holistic services. Some examples include acupuncture and massage. Since these are often luxury treatments, insurers are less likely to cover them. However, some policies do.

How Much Does Rehab Insurance Coverage Pay?

Like the types of services that insurance covers, the amount of the coverage varies from one policy to the next. In California, though, many insurers use different levels of coverage.

In general, bronze-level plans have low monthly premiums but high deductibles and out-of-pocket costs. Platinum-level policies have high monthly premiums but low deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses. The silver and gold levels fall in between.

As such, people with bronze rehab insurance coverage Los Angeles pay the most out of pocket for treatment. The insurer might require that they go to an in-network provider as well. However, there’s a possibility for some bronze plans to offer coverage for out-of-network providers.

In some cases, people have to pay a coinsurance for rehab services. Other times, rehab insurance coverage Los Angeles has a copay. Most of the time, though, insurers require people to pay their plan deductibles before they start covering the services. For these reasons, it’s important for people to understand their benefits before they enroll in a rehab program.

Let LA Detox Verify Your Insurance Policy

You can determine your insurance benefits by reviewing your policy. However, you might come across terms or wording that you don’t fully understand. You aren’t the only one.

Our addiction treatment staff has the means to verify your insurance coverage for you. LA Detox wants to make sure that you get the care that you deserve. To that end, we offer everything from detox and therapy to aftercare services. In fact, some of the therapies that we use include:

Don’t let concerns about paying for detox and rehab keep you from taking the first step toward recovery. Let LA Detox verify your rehab insurance coverage. Dial [Direct] to find out how affordable your treatment can be.