Detox starts your journey into recovery by cleaning toxins of substance abuse out of your body. But other parts of this journey to recovery play a critical role in your future, too. For example, you need an individual therapy program, group therapy and family counseling. Through these combined methods, you learn about your addiction and how to stay strong in recovery.

While many people fear an individual therapy program at first, you soon realize its benefits. This therapy opens your eyes to many answers about your substance abuse. Overall, individual counseling helps you change your life for the better, to free yourself from many of the problems that ushered you into addiction. Take some time to learn more about an individual therapy program Los Angeles and how you benefit from a Los Angeles drug addiction treatment center that provides this therapy.

What types of therapy are important in addiction treatment?

individual therapy program

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment, behavioral therapy plays a major role in your recovery. These therapies include:

Taking part in a mix of multiple approaches helps you work through problems that led into your addiction, including negative thoughts and behaviors. You learn new ways of functioning for healthier results in your daily life. Some of these therapies take place in group settings. Others are part of an individual therapy program, while still others work well in both group and one-on-one sessions.

Why You Need an Individual Therapy Program

You need an individual therapy program Los Angeles, as this type of therapy expands on what you learn in group situations. You also address your own very specific needs in individual therapy, that the group does not need to explore. Group therapies help you practice socialization, learn from peers and build healthy relationships. But you develop a special bond of trust with your individual therapy program counselor, one that helps you complete your treatment and stay in recovery for the long term.

Your individual therapy program Los Angeles therapist helps you in many ways, including:

  • Recovery planning
  • Goal setting and achievement
  • Non-judgmental support
  • Discussion of private issues

Every type of therapy offers its own benefits. But individual therapy is critical for long-term recovery from addiction. You need this close support and private guidance through your deepest issues, to resolve what you can and find new ways of dealing with stress and triggers.

Where to Find Los Angeles Individual Therapy

Los Angeles individual therapy starts in your detox program. This therapy alone is not a method of detoxing from addiction, but it helps you start the recovery process while going through withdrawal. Detox and individual therapy also prepare you for the rehab treatment that you need.

LA Detox in Los Angeles provides multiple programs to help you put substance abuse behind you. These programs include residential and intensive outpatient programs, as well as dual diagnosis treatment and professionals’ programs. The environment of LA Detox is luxurious, so you do not compromise your comfort while getting the help you need.

Learn more about the individual therapy program, family therapy, behavioral therapies and other services you receive at LA Detox. Call LA Detox now at [Direct] to talk to a caring counselor who understands your needs. By talking to us, you start understanding why you started abusing drugs or alcohol, so you can fix those problems for a better life.