When it comes to receiving a full continuum of care for addiction, it’s vital never to cut your treatment plan short. Instead, individuals should work through every phase of their plan to reduce their risk of relapse. One way to accomplish this is through staying in sober living in the Los Angeles area. Including sober living as part of your rehab aftercare program will give you the continued stability necessary for success.

About a Sober Living Environment

While most addiction treatment programs take place at the facility, a sober living house in Los Angeles provides support when you are not at treatment. Essentially, a sober living environment is a clean, sober, and safe space for individuals to reside. While this can also include your home, in most cases, Los Angeles sober living houses remove you from your environment to create a healthy sober living home with facilitators. This helps to ensure the environment remains safe while also working to hold residents accountable for their actions. While in a sober living environment, residents will remain on a strict schedule that includes chores, meals, and attending meetings and therapy sessions.

How Does Sober Living in Los Angeles Fit Into your Plan?

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A common misconception surrounding treatment and recovery is that clients can head straight home after their residential or outpatient treatment. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Studies show that the longer an individual remains in treatment, the more effective the treatment is. It also helps reduce the risk of relapse. SAMHSA states four main factors in recovery offered by sober living houses in Los Angeles. These include:

  • Community- Having a strong support system both during and after treatment is crucial to success. Sober living in Los Angeles allows residents to continue to build their support system. By befriending fellow residents and facilitators, individuals can have a stronger circle of friends once they return home. Having people to lean on and talk to that understand what you’re going through can make a significant difference when returning home.
  • Residence- Having a safe place to stay after treatment is imperative. For some, returning home isn’t the best option because of triggers. The location of the home or family members living there could encourage drug use, making relapse almost guaranteed. Staying in a sober living space gives you time to determine your next move while protecting your sobriety.
  • Health- Protecting your overall health is an essential component of protecting your sobriety. Sober living allows you to keep a focus on your diet, physical activity, and mental health while you continue your treatment plan.
  • Stability- Keeping a schedule is key to staying on the right path after treatment. Sober living allows you to keep a schedule of chores, appointments, and meetings to help keep your focus on recovery.

Avoiding a Dangerous Environment to Your Sobriety

So what type of environment could threaten your sobriety? Does the environment really matter? By returning home to a chaotic, unstable environment, you place yourself at risk for a quick relapse after treatment. Outside influences can quickly act as triggers for drug use, placing you right back at the starting point of your journey. Some components of a dangerous environment include:

  • Constant conflict with family members, coworkers, or friends
  • Peers actively using drugs or consuming alcohol
  • Structure is nonexistent
  • Drugs and alcohol are easily accessible
  • Violence along with emotional abuse is prevalent

To avoid such an environment, consider the sober living Los Angeles offers after your stay at treatment.

LA Detox

As you learn about the sober living Los Angeles residents need, it’s important to learn more about LA Detox. Learning about available addiction treatment programs and therapies will help you create the best treatment plan for your unique needs. Programs can include:

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