If you’re having problems with benzo addiction, you might wonder what detox is like. Once a person thinks about getting clean, it’s common for him to think about what comes next. The idea of detox can be scary, especially if you’ve ever suffered withdrawal symptoms. Find out what to expect from benzo detox so that you can get clean and move on with your life for good. Through benzo addiction treatment, you can achieve your goals of recovery.

About Benzo Addiction

group session during benzo detox as they work through benzo withdrawal

Benzodiazepines, or benzos for short, are prescription sedatives that doctors prescribe for conditions like anxiety disorder and insomnia. They also help with treating seizures. Although they’re a prescription medication, they still have the potential for abuse.

Users sometimes grow dependent on the feelings of relaxation and calm that benzos produce. They may take more of the drug than they should, or they might abuse other substances along with it.

Benzos are typically for short-term use, but users might go to different doctors to keep up a steady supply. Or they might look to their family and friends for old pills. The longer they do this, the higher the chances they’ll develop an addiction.

Benzo Withdrawal and the Detox Process

It’s only natural to wonder what benzo detox will be like. People often want to know how long it lasts and how they’ll feel.

Whether it’s benzos, heroin, cocaine, alcohol or other drugs, once a person is dependent on it, her body will experience withdrawal symptoms once she stops taking it. These symptoms can be quite uncomfortable. To avoid that discomfort, users often go right back to using just to end the pain.

Benzo detox is no different. When you can’t use, you feel benzo withdrawal effects such as:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Confusion
  • Tremors
  • Heart palpitations
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Sleep disturbances

Physical benzo withdrawal symptoms are usually over after about a week. But it’s common for users to feel psychological effects for months afterward.

Can I Go Through Benzo Detox at Home?

It’s not recommended to go through benzo detox without medical supervision. The idea of at-home detox may sound tempting, but with benzos, going cold turkey can result in fatal consequences.

While uncomfortable benzo withdrawal symptoms like headaches and dizziness aren’t usually serious, other severe symptoms can occur. They include seizures and hallucinations. Detoxing in a qualified facility is a much safer way to go through the process.

In a treatment center, you can have a safe benzo detox experience as medical professionals monitor your benzo withdrawal symptoms. In some cases, they might also administer medications that ease the worst of your symptoms. Also, being in a drug-free environment means that no matter how bad your cravings will get, you won’t be able to give into them.

This gives you an excellent opportunity to get clean and then move into a rehab program.

Where There’s a Why, There’s a Way

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