Treatment from an inpatient rehab center in Los Angeles, California offers one of the best ways to overcome addiction. Substance abuse disorders are chronic conditions, meaning they are incurable and require lifelong management to recover from fully. The sooner you receive help, the better your chances are of recovery.

Tens of millions of Americans battle substance abuse, addiction, and drinking problems each year. While more than 10% of Americans ages 18 and older meet the criteria for a substance abuse disorder, less than half reach out for help from an outpatient or inpatient rehab center. Addiction can lower your quality of life, cause serious financial problems, increase your chances of early death, and damage your relationships.

What is Addiction?

Person receiving help from addiction at our inpatient rehab center in Los Angeles

Addiction is a chronic mental health condition. Addiction causes compulsive abuse of drugs and alcohol despite repeated negative consequences. You may even have a strong desire to quit but cannot. During addiction, your brain chemistry changes and impairs your judgment, meaning you are more likely to engage in risky and dangerous behavior or make impulsive decisions.

Substance abuse disorders change your brain’s pleasure and reward center. Since substances like alcohol, opiates, and stimulants are neurotransmitter inhibitors, they cause a rush of pleasurable emotions and feelings whenever you use them. Your brain then associates your substance of choice with pleasure. It rewards your substance use with a rush of pleasurable neurotransmitters and withholds neurotransmitters when you don’t use your substance.

Drugs and alcohol can cause both physical and psychological addiction. When you immediately stop using your substance of choice after developing an addiction, you can experience painful and overwhelming withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms make it difficult to stop using without the help of an inpatient rehab center. Withdrawal symptoms can last anywhere from several days to several weeks and lead to intensified cravings.

Common signs and symptoms of withdrawal can include:

  • Aches, pains, and shakes
  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Depression, anxiety, and mood changes
  • Insomnia and exhaustion
  • Seizures, delirium, and confusion

An inpatient rehab center in LA focuses on limiting the severity of your withdrawal symptoms. LA Detox provides you with the support, guidance, and understanding you need to begin your recovery journey.

What an Inpatient Rehab Center in Los Angeles Offers

Our Los Angeles inpatient rehab center specializes in utilizing evidence-based and holistic treatments to provide you with the tools and skills you need to beat addiction. An inpatient rehab center can offer both short-term and long-term residential programs, as well as:

  • Cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Relapse prevention education
  • Individual, group, and family counseling
  • Trauma and psychodrama therapy
  • Aftercare support

An inpatient rehab center can offer programs ranging from 28 days to several months, depending on your needs. Residential programs require you to remain on campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may be able to have visitors and call friends and family.

An inpatient rehab center offers you the highest level of care, making it an excellent option if you have a severe addiction, a dual diagnosis, or have had multiple attempts at treatment. The increased supervision and support ensures that you have access to members of your treatment team 24/7. A residential addiction treatment program in Los Angeles can also help you learn valuable coping skills that decrease your risk of experiencing a release.

Begin Inpatient Rehab in Los Angeles, CA

When you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, you can feel lost, scared, and trapped. No matter what stage of addiction you find yourself, treatment can help you find and sustain life-long recovery. Finding help starts with a phone call. Call us today at [Direct] to find out more about our premier inpatient rehab center and how we can help you beat addiction.