A common misconception surrounding addiction treatment is that once a client leaves the center, treatment is complete. However, addiction treatment requires constant vigilance and continued support in order to be successful. Through an aftercare program, you give yourself the best possible chance at lasting recovery. The problem remains that many don’t understand the benefits of a reputable aftercare program and tend to ignore this crucial next step after drug and alcohol rehab.

What Is an Aftercare Program?

man and woman enjoying an effective aftercare program

An aftercare program provides a client with continued support and guidance once they physically leave the treatment center. Through a variety of options, your treatment center can continue to help you in your journey as you transition back into life at home. These can include:

  • Support groups- Your facility can put you in contact with numerous community support groups. Taking the time to attend these meetings can help you receive the support you need from peers who understand what you’re going through. It can also be helpful to hear the perspective of others when it comes to transitioning to a life of sobriety outside of treatment.
  • Relapse prevention- An aftercare program will best prepare you to prevent relapse through a variety of techniques based on your triggers and cravings. This helps prepare an individual to face their triggers healthily so they don’t turn back to abusing a specific substance.
  • Support system- Creating a personal support system is essential to life outside of treatment. Your facility will help you establish this system by providing you with points of contact, as well as assisting you to strengthen relationships with loved ones.
  • Follow-up meetings- To ensure you stay on the right track, an aftercare program may offer follow-up meetings with staff members as another layer of support. This helps to work through any tough problems that a client may face while also letting the client feel supported.

How to Choose an Aftercare Program

The best way to choose the best aftercare program is to consider your personal needs. If support is something you know you’ll need outside of treatment, look for a program that offers numerous meeting opportunities. You can also look for a program that puts you in contact with a variety of community groups and volunteer opportunities.

Find Help Today

Before you can consider an aftercare program, you need to complete the rest of your treatment plan. This tends to include detox, residential treatment, and intensive outpatient treatment. Through a variety of addiction therapy services, you gain the tools you need to manage your triggers and cravings outside of treatment. These services can include the following:

After these steps are complete, you can turn your attention to your aftercare program. For the help you need and deserve, reach out to LA Detox today at (866) 932-8563.