The Men’s Detox Center
A doctor shakes hands with a man entering a men's detox center in Los Angeles

There is a great deal of clinical evidence that demonstrates that separating the genders in recovery is more effective, and less likely to result in relapse. There are several reasons for this. Primary among these is the fact that a gender-specific recovery program can allow for more effective peer support. Men are socialized from a young age not to show weakness. And in group therapy, in particular, men talking to and relying on other men tend to have more success opening up, admitting their vulnerability in the face of addiction. Sources also report if a man attends a men’s detox center, such as the one at LA Detox, he tends to establish more effective support networks outside of recovery groups. 

Doctors and addiction specialists debunked the myth of a generic, one-size-fits-all approach to detoxification and recovery years ago. Programs like the medical detox center at LA Detox understand that addiction looks different for everyone. The fact of the matter is that not only do men and women consume drugs and alcohol differently, they also respond differently to treatment. 

Medical Detox: Don’t Go It Alone

At the LA Detox men’s detox center in Los Angeles, we know that for a body conditioned to drugs or alcohol, detoxification is a complicated process. The side effects of a botched detoxification can be excruciating. They can even be fatal. For this reason, if you are at the more severe end of the substance use disorder spectrum, it is vital that you not try to try to detox on your own. Not only do solo detox efforts statistically fail to produce long-term results, but they can also be dangerous or deadly. 

Additionally, at the men’s detox center at LA Detox, we provide gender-specific advantages that a more generalized program cannot. These include:

  • A higher degree of comfort that results from the fact that all of the patients are men, speaking to each other in an environment free of women
  • Reduced sexual tension and distraction as a result of the fact that no women are present
  • A more extensive and deeper network of support and male bonding
  • Specialized treatment for the specific physiological and emotional issues that are specific to men dealing struggling with addiction.
  • Gender-specific therapy groups that allow for more open communication and support between patients

These are only a few of many reasons why you should leave your detox to healthcare professionals, like the members of the LA Detox team.

The Male-Specific Advantage

As a man, you know that your needs are different from those of women. A lot of these revolve around how society views men. Men don’t want people to see them as weak or feminine, especially around women. Gender-specific treatment can allow men to open up.

Another result of our culture’s stereotypes is that men often need more time to open up and to express their desires, needs, and emotions. At the LA Detox men’s detox center, we cater specifically to these male-specific psychological and physiological needs.

Another aspect of the male experience that we often overlook or ignore is male sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is an extremely important — and exceedingly sensitive — issue that we can treat far more effectively in a group that excludes women. A medical detox center like the one at LA Detox in Los Angeles is a far better option than trying to go it alone. Seeking treatment in a gender-separated environment will give you the support you need to beat your addiction once and for all.

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