Currently, an estimated 20 million Americans struggle with addiction. While it’s easy to believe that most of these cases are individuals who went down the wrong road, this isn’t the case. Many of these incidents stem from individuals attempting to self-medicate to manage the symptoms of a mental health disorder. When a mental health disorder occurs alongside an addiction, a dual diagnosis treatment program is a necessity. Dual diagnosis treatment programs can be used during detox, residential addiction treatment, or any lower level of care.

Why Is a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program Important?

doctor comforting new patient in a dual diagnosis treatment programA dual diagnosis treatment program is essential in treating the mental health issue and addiction at the same time. If you receive help for one problem, but not the other, you will remain trapped in the same dangerous cycle. A dual diagnosis treatment program helps the client understand how their mental health and addiction connect and influence each other. Along with receiving treatment, clients learn the proper coping skills they need to manage their mental health properly without the need to abuse illicit substances.

Common Causes of a Dual Diagnosis

While there’s no limit to which substance coincide with which mental health disorders, certain pairings occur more often than others. You need a dual diagnosis treatment program if you struggle with the following:

  • Alcohol and Bipolar Disorder- Those who struggle with bipolar disorder tend to reach for alcohol to manage their symptoms. While they believe alcohol helps their episodes of depression, it will really only make these issues worse.
  • Substance abuse and stress- For those unable to properly manage their stress, abusing substances feel like the quickest way to find relief. Without learning proper stress management, relapse is inevitable.
  • Benzodiazepines and anxiety- Benzodiazepines are common medications to help manage anxiety, but individuals often misuse them. In order to manage their symptoms on their own, they tend to take more of the prescribed dosage. However, this will only make anxiety worse.
  • Alcohol and depression- Those who already struggle with intense feelings of hopelessness and sadness will only make their symptoms worse by consuming alcohol. However, they tend to believe that drinking helps alleviate their symptoms, which traps them in this dangerous cycle.

Help through LA Detox

Don’t remain in a cycle that continues to damage your life. Find the addiction treatment programs you need today. Through these programs and addiction therapy services, you can receive the care you need for recovery. Along with a dual diagnosis treatment program, you might also benefit from the following:

If you believe a dual diagnosis treatment program can benefit you, make a phone call today. Contact LA Detox now at 866-932-8563 to learn how to begin with the treatment that will give you the best chance at lasting recovery.