Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug according to the 2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health. In fact, an estimated 22.2 million people used marijuana in the past month of the time of the study. Use of the substance is widespread among adolescents and young adults. Studies consistently show that marijuana use is on the rise, and medicinal and recreational marijuana is more available than ever. Through marijuana addiction treatment, individuals can learn to function without using the substance. A variety of addiction therapy services can also help to put individuals back on the right track.

young woman upset as she begins marijuana addiction treatmentA drug detox center is for people who are looking to comfortably detox from marijuana. Someone might want to detox from marijuana for several reasons, like:

  • Employment drug test
  • Personal
  • Financial
  • Family
  • Legal

Is Marijuana Addictive?

In severe cases marijuana is addictive. Marijuana becomes addictive when the person cannot stop using the drug even though it interferes with their life.

In 2014, 4.176 million people in the U.S. abused or were dependent on marijuana. Only 138,000 voluntarily sought treatment for their marijuana use.

Marijuana Rehab

If you or someone you know needs help with addiction, marijuana addiction treatment might be the answer for you.

Residential drug rehab treatment for marijuana addiction gives the patient time to fully detoxify from the effects of marijuana. A therapy based approach that incorporates comfortable living and healthy food enables each patient to flush out drug residues left behind in fatty tissues of the body. A marijuana addiction aftercare program can provide continuing support after structured treatment.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Recovery from addiction to marijuana requires the same steps as recovery from any other addiction. Relationships still need to be repaired, and the ability to think clearly and reach goals must be rehabilitated. Marijuana affects many areas of your life.

In 2009, more than 360,000 Americans who were using marijuana and could not stop without help went to rehab. About 45% were under 21 and the majority were 24 or younger. 25% of these 360,000 people began using marijuana by the time they were 12 years old. Another 32% began by the time they were 14. It’s likely that either marijuana or alcohol was the first drug they started abusing.

The mental effects of marijuana become more severe if the individual uses on a daily basis or in the event of higher dosages. This fact becomes significant when you consider the rising potency of marijuana. Over the last two decades, the average THC content has increased from less than 4% to more than 10%. Some samples have THC contents of 25% or even higher. THC is the active ingredient in marijuana that gets you “high.”

Marijuana’s Effects on Thinking and Perception include:

  • Poor coordination
  • Difficult thinking
  • Difficult problem solving
  • Difficulty in learning
  • Paranoia

The United Nations states that long-term marijuana abusers make less money and struggle with unemployment often. Heavy use or use of high-potency marijuana tends to create mental health problems. Chronic use can result in anxiety and depression.

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