preparing for drug rehab

How to prepare for rehab

Preparing for rehab is essential if the individual getting treatment wants the best chance at staying sober. Planning for addictions treatment Once committed to going to an addiction treatment center, it’s time the individual getting treatment start thinking about the steps they should take in order to be prepared for rehab. The individual will most…

LA Detox - What is a detox center

What Is A Detox Center?

A detox center is a medical facility where you can safely withdraw from drugs and alcohol. If you’re addicted to any of the following drugs you may need to go to a detox center like Los Angeles Detox. Opiates Benzos Alcohol Marijuana Withdrawals from benzos and alcohol are especially dangerous because severe symptoms can include…

drug rehab

What Happens In Drug Rehab?

What happens in rehab depends on the type of rehab you attend, but most rehabs follow a similar framework of therapies. In most cases detox is required and is followed by residential inpatient rehab. After detox and residential rehab the individual will be put into an outpatient program and live in a structured sober living…

what is a drug relapse

What Is A Drug Relapse?

A drug relapse is the recurrence of drug abuse from someone who is going through or has gone through a recovery program. Addiction is a chronic disease that is subject to periods of relapse. Usually relapses happen when the person being treated is exposed to certain triggers that increase their risk of returning to substance…

how drug detox works

Drug detox, how does it work?

Drug detox works by getting rid of the poisons and toxins in your body. Most people choose to go through a drug detox because of the discomfort and danger often related to withdrawing from certain drugs. For example, alcoholics almost always need medicated assisted drug detox because of the dangers associated with detoxing from alcohol.…

Substance abuse treatment in los angeles

What Is Substance Abuse Treatment?

Substance abuse treatment is a type of therapy for individuals who use drugs and/or alcohol to the detriment of themselves and others. Substance abuse treatment centers usually follow a standard framework of therapies that work by changing the behavior of the individual using the substance[s]. Types of substance abuse treatment programs are: Inpatient residential treatment…

medical detox in los angeles

Medical Detox What Is It?

Medical detox is a type of detox that is done under medical supervision. Medical detoxes are designed to be safe and ease discomfort involved with withdrawals. Medical detoxes are staffed with doctors and nurses trained in helping patients cope with withdrawal symptoms. Without medical care, these withdrawal symptoms can be unpleasant, dangerous, and even life…