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Addiction and Alcohol Abuse

Recovering from alcoholism may seem like a daunting and lengthy endeavor. However, the process can be simplified with proper support and treatment. Alcohol use is typical in social circumstances, but some people go from casual drinking to abusing alcohol – or acquire an alcohol use disorder – which may vary from mild to severe. One…

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What Addictions Can Be Treated?

Many facilities will have fundamental recovery principles to treat all kinds of addictions. What kind of program is best for your specific addiction type depends on many factors. Conventional rehab centers have the ability to properly treat addictions to recreational drugs, alcohol, and prescription medications. Additionally, there are facilities for addiction treatment that focus on…

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What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Cognitive behavioral therapy helps the individual develop better ways of dealing with negative thoughts, and thoughts associated with substance abuse. Cognitive behavioral therapy does this by showing the individual how his emotions and thoughts affect their life. During cognitive behavioral treatment individuals will learn techniques to turn their negative thoughts and…

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Alcohol rehab Los Angeles

One of the most recognized beverages worldwide is alcohol. It is consumed for the celebration of joyous occasions, for the reduction of sorrows and for relaxation after work hours. Consumption of alcohol is risky, it changes the way we think, it is very addictive and it also has an effect on the way we feel.…

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Heroin Withdrawal Timeline, Symptoms and Treatment

Drug Withdrawal Symptoms, Timelines, and Treatment, Heroin Withdrawal Timeline, Symptoms and Treatment What Does Heroin Withdrawal Look Like? Withdrawal from Heroin comes with symptoms that may last for about week or so, and this can be severe and include:
 Nausea Abdominal pain Sweating Shaking Nervousness Agitation Depression Muscle spasms Cravings for drugs Relapse Medical detox experts…

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What Addictions Do We Treat?

Los Angeles Detox has access to the best treatment facilities ready to provide comprehensive care for a variety of addictions. Whether you or someone you know struggles with addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs, gambling, sex, illicit drugs, or something else, we’re confident one of our affiliated facilities has the recovery program fit for the addiction…