Women’s Detox Center for Addiction

The myth of a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all treatment for addiction was debunked by the medical profession years ago. At LA Detox, we know that there are as many treatment plans for addiction as there are people struggling with addiction. This reason is why we tailor our solutions to the individual. One of the most important — and most effective — ways that we do this is through our women’s detox center.

Experts at the National Institute on Drug Abuse have long understood that the patterns of alcohol and drug use and abuse by men and women are different. The conclusion that these doctors, therapists, and addiction counselors have reached makes perfect sense. Just as every individual needs a unique plan, women and men have different needs when it comes to detoxification, rehabilitation, and recovery. 

What a Woman Needs
A woman sits with her doctor at a Women's detox center in Los Angeles

From the outset, the feeling in our women’s detox center is different from a program in which the genders are mixed. It is no secret that women can benefit from communicating with each other. They can address topics like motherhood, issues of gender in the workplace, and their relationships in a safe space.

It is also important to acknowledge the tragic but unavoidable fact that many women with substance abuse problems have experienced verbal and physical abuse at the hands of men. Just as many women have experienced sexual assault. At a women’s detox center, you can speak about and work through these issues surrounded by peers. This can be more than just positive; it can be life-changing.

At LA Detox, we pride ourselves on providing a safe environment for women. We will meet you with understanding, acceptance, support, and unconditional love as you take your first steps on the road to recovery.

The Advantages of a Women’s Detox Center

There’s more than the significant differences in the reasons that men and women begin drug and alcohol use, how they report it, and their differing causes for relapse. Men and women have different goals and expectations when it comes to detox, rehab, and recovery. The treatment plan at LA Detox’s women’s detox center provides several gender-specific advantages that a more generalized program cannot. These include:

  • A higher degree of comfort that results from the fact that all of the patients are women
  • A more extensive and deeper network of support and bonding
  • Reduced sexual tension and distraction as a result of the fact that other sex is not present
  • Gender-specific therapy groups that allow for more open communication and support between patients
  • Specialized treatment for the specific physiological and emotional issues that are specific to women dealing struggling with addiction.

If you’re unsure about enrolling in rehab, then a gender-specific treatment program like the one at LA Detox might be right for you.

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Are you ready to make the call and take your life back from dependence and addiction? If so, the professionals at the LA Detox women’s detox center in Los Angeles are here to help. We know that substance abuse is different for every individual. By tailoring our program to your needs as a woman, we can provide you with the resources and strategies you need. You can overcome your dependency issues and get your life back. Visit us online today or call us at [Direct]. It is time to take the first step towards independence.