client and therapist speaking during a group session at a Los Angeles opioid detox

With the opioid crisis sweeping the country, millions of Americans need an effective opioid detox program. Unfortunately, only a small number of those who need treatment get it. For some, they don’t know what their options are. Others wonder how they’ll pay for opioid addiction treatment.

From high-end to nonprofit facilities, help is available. Men and women have to take that first step and seek treatment. A Los Angeles opioid detox center offers you a safe and effective way to get clean. It can be a great start to a new, drug-free life.

About Opioid Addiction

Opioid drugs often act as pain relievers for people suffering moderate to severe pain. Doctors may prescribe these medications post-surgery or for those managing chronic conditions.

Other opioids are for illicit purposes only, such as heroin. Whether it’s a prescription drug or heroin, both have abuse potential, leading to the need for opioid detox. The longer someone uses, the more she has to use to feel the same effects of the drug. Over time, her tolerance builds, and she finds that she can’t function or “feel normal” without using.

This happens with valid prescription drugs and destructive ones like heroin.

What to Expect From Los Angeles Opioid Detox

Once someone is dependent on an addictive substance, he’ll crave it constantly. When he doesn’t have access to the drug, his body experiences withdrawal symptoms which range from mild to severe.

During opioid detox, users typically feel effects such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Body aches
  • Sleep disturbances

The severity of the symptoms you’ll experience during opioid detox depends on the drugs you used and the length of time you abused them.

A Los Angeles opioid detox center can provide a safe and relaxing environment in which to begin your recovery from addiction. You don’t have to detox on your own at home, and you shouldn’t. Going to a qualified treatment facility gives you access to the support and supervision you need as you get clean.

Detox Is the First Step

As crucial as opioid detox is, it’s only the first step toward a sober future.

If you’re in California or want to travel for treatment, there’s a Los Angeles opioid detox that provides five-star care for young men and women. After detoxing, you can then move into inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment.

Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction involves various therapies. These are designed to get to the root of the problem whether it’s unresolved trauma, an inability to cope with negative emotions or issues dealing with triggers. With the tools and skills you gain in individual, group and family therapy, you’ll see that you have better options when faced with life’s inevitable difficulties.

West Coast Luxury Addiction Treatment

At LA Detox, a drug addiction treatment center in Los Angeles, you can get the personalized care you need to overcome substance dependency. The professionals at our luxury facility will complete a full evaluation to give you the individualized treatment that can make a positive difference in your life.

The services we offer at our Los Angeles opioid detox include:

For a safe opioid detox experience, contact LA Detox today. Our supportive and friendly staff will put your safety and comfort first as we guide you toward a sober future. Contact us at (866) 932-8563 to find out more.