The most effective way to deal with substance use disorder is to undergo detox and rehab. At a treatment center, certified professionals help people stop using drugs and teach them how to stay clean. However, many of those with addiction hesitate to seek treatment because rehab is expensive. Fortunately, Cigna drug rehab coverage can cover a substantial portion of the cost after you get Cigna insurance verification, making treatment more affordable.

About Cigna Drug Rehab Coverage

Cigna is a global, managed health care services company with millions of members. Across international partnerships, it has an extensive network of health care providers. In addition, it offers Medicare coverage to those who are eligible in the United States.

In regard to Cigna drug rehab coverage, the company adheres to government regulations. These stipulate that all health care insurers provide coverage for drug addiction treatment in Los Angeles. In fact, the companies must treat it like any other behavioral health service.

woman being treated at cigna drug rehab

However, Cigna has a range of policies that have varying levels of coverage. In California, the policy levels include bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. While the bronze level has the lowest monthly premium, the out-of-pocket expenses and deductible are the highest. The platinum level has the highest monthly premium but lowest out-of-pocket expenses and deductible.

Because of these differences, Cigna coverage for drug rehab in Los Angeles greatly depends on the policy. For instance, some plans cover treatment services that other plans don’t. Also, some health care policies require that people go to in-network providers. They often require precertification to cover services from out-of-network facilities.

Coverage for Residential Care

Residential treatment is a program that involves staying at a rehab center for the duration of detox and rehab. It’s an ideal option for people who have additional mental or physical health issues. It also provides a safe place for people whose home environments are not safe.

Aside from professional services, this type of program includes meals, a room, and continuous care. As a result, the expenses add up quickly over the course of treatment. Cigna insurance may pay for many of these services at a drug rehab in Los Angeles. It might include acute inpatient services as well.

More specifically, a bronze plan typically has a 0% coinsurance for in-network providers after paying the deductible. Cigna usually has a 30%-50% coinsurance for silver plans, 20%-50% coinsurance for gold plans, and 10%-30% coinsurance for platinum plans. For out-of-network providers, some policies provide coverage. Those that do tend to have a higher coinsurance.

Coverage for Outpatient Care

Outpatient treatment is cheaper because people don’t stay at a rehab center. Instead, they visit for scheduled services every week. Because of that, Cigna drug rehab coverage may seem to cover more of the costs. For example, it often covers evidence-based therapies and medication management.

In general, standard outpatient care involves therapy sessions at the facility two or three times a week. Intensive outpatient care typically requires sessions five days a week, which provides more comprehensive care. With these schedules, people can still go to school or work and take care of family obligations.

Cigna drug rehab coverage with a bronze plan usually has a 0%-50% coinsurance for in-network services. Like for residential treatment, the coinsurance is less with the other plan levels. In some cases, the plans have co-payments instead. Similarly, they may or may not cover out-of-network services.

LA Detox Can Verify Your Insurance Coverage

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Don’t delay getting treatment any longer because you worry about paying for it. Find out how affordable treatment can be with Cigna drug rehab coverage. Call [Direct] so that LA Detox can verify your policy.